Nancy and Snowy

Nancy died 4/21/98, of insulinoma.

Nancy was the older of my two ferrets. She was extremely feisty, and because she hadn't met many other ferrets in her life, she came to believe that she was a little tiny person. She thought that my fiance's two cats were her personal toys, to chase and ride (yee-haw!). She didn't seem to like meeting other ferrets, presumeably because they forced her to reexamine her place in the universe. Unfortunately, this included my other ferret, Snowy. Nancy had a pretty good time running around the maze of dryer hose I set up for them, and she was often moving her stash of bells and squeaky toys from place to place to keep them safe from the noisy long-nosed sucky thing, and also from the other ferret.

Nancy had a bout with adrenal disease, but recovered fully after surgery, and lived another 3 years or so. If you want to know what a ferret with adrenal disease looks like, click here. Ten days after the veterinarian removed the enlarged adrenal gland, all her hair grew back.

Snowy is much sweeter and more gentle than Nancy was. She doesn't chase the cats, although one of them is still afraid of ferrets in general (because of Nancy). Snowy also likes the dryer hose, but especially likes to play with bows from gift wrap.

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