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Below is a list of links to websites which can help you learn more about the Art, Architecture, History and Culture of the Maya. Please note that not all of the links listed in the book are present here since some are no longer functional. Also please note that while we do try to keep these links up to date, the Web, and the information on it, is constantly evolving and it is difficult to track such changes. We apologize for any links which may no longer be active, and encourage you to check for new additions. Thanks for your understanding, The Author.

Sites with good introductory overviews of Meso-America and the Maya

NOVA Online | Lost King of the Maya | Map of the Maya World
Maya Exploration Center
Maya Discovery - Mundo Maya
Civilization.ca - Mystery of the Maya
Introduction to the Maya via hyperlinks

The Maya Calendar and Maya Astronomy

The Maya Astronomy Homepage of Michael John Finley
Notes on the Mayan Calendar by Michael John Finley
Dresden Codex Venus related pages of Michael John Finley
The Maya Calendar

The Maya Ball Game

The Royal Ball Game of the Ancient Maya: An Epigrapher’s View by Alexandre Tokovinine, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
Ballgame.org The Mesoamerican Ballgame: An Educational Website
“Ballcourts: The Chasm of Creation” by Mary Ellen Gutierrez, Texas Notes on Precolumbian Art, Writing, and Culture, No. 53, May 1993

The Gods of the Maya

The Gods and Goddesses of the Mayas
The Dawn of the Maya Gods and Kings, National Geographic Magazine, January 2006

Religious Rituals of the Maya

"Glyph for Stingray Spine”, Albert Davletshin, Institute for Oriental Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow)
“A Piercing Look at Maya Bloodletting Rituals” M. Badinelli, 2003

Learn about the hieroglyphic language the Maya used, the Codices still in existence, and sacred texts like the Popul Vuh or Chilam Balam

Mesoweb - Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphs
Foundation for the Advancement of Meso American Studies, Maya Writing Pages
Maya Hieroglyphic Writing by J. Eric S. Thompson
The Book of Chilam Balam
The Popul Vuh by Delia Goetz and Sylvanus Griswold Morley from Adrián Recino's translation from Quiché into Spanish, 1954
The Popol Vuh By Lewis Spence, Published by David Nutt, at the Sign of the Phoenix, Long Acre, London [1908]

Museums and Exhibits of Maya Art

National Gallery of Art Exhibit: The Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya - Palenque
Peabody Museum Central America Archives
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: Meso-American Gallery
The new sculpture Museum at Copan - Saving the Mayan Past for the Future: Fash, Barbara W. & Fash, William L.
Museo Popol Vuh
Copan Village Archaeology Museum: Maya Art, Stelae, Ceramics, Jade, virtual reality
Hudson Museum, The University of Maine has a large collection of Meso-Amercian Art. Also see the Search for Site Q link.

Maya Architecture

3D Virtual reality tours of some of the Maya temples

Info on current archeological research at sites in Meso-America including many you can visit

The BRASS/El Pilar Archeological Program
San Bartolo, Guatemala Research Project
Caracol, Belize Archeological Project Home Page
El Pilar Archeological Reserve
Links to web sites about Mayans and Mayan ruins
MayaBelize: Mundo Maya - El Pilar, Bullet Tree, Cayo District, Belize
Archaeological Sites of Belize, Lubaatun, Marco Gonzalez, Nim Li Punit, Nohmul, Pacbitun, Santa Rita Corozal, Uxbenka, Xunantunich
National Geographic: Masks, Other Finds Suggest Early Maya Flourished

Other resources and groups amateurs and professionals can use to research the Maya

Meso Web Home Page - an online group devoted to discussion and research into the ancient cultures of Mexico and adjacent Central America
Foundation for the Advancement of Meso-American Studies, Inc. - Home Page
Maya-Archaeology.Org - Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research Informative Network: Maya Archeology Project: Digital Imaging of Maya Art, Architecture, and Writing. This site contains a range of info from photos you can see to details of how researchers photograph and scan art at Maya archeological sites
Ancient Maya Civilitation learning resources. Not sure of who put this together but it seems to me a fairly comprehensive list of links to pages about the historical timeline of the Maya civilization, their politics, warfare, religion and associated rituals, astronomy, calender systems, language and architecture.

Sites with additional info associated with television specials on the Maya

Home Page for PBS Nova Special "Lost King of the Maya" PBS Airdate: February 13, 2001
PBS Nova Special "Lost King of the Maya" Tour of Copan, PBS Airdate: February 13, 2001
Transcript of PBS Nova Special "Lost King of the Maya" Tour of Copan, PBS Airdate: February 13, 2001
Travel photographs of Mayan cultural sites & artifacts in Central America by George and Audrey DeLange

Resources for teachers

42Explore Educational Outlines and Links to teach kids about the Maya

Sites with photos only (little or no interpretive info) but useful to develop an appreciation of Maya art

George and Audrey DeLange Homepage
Travel photographs of Mayan cultural sites & artifacts in Mexico by George and Audrey DeLange
Photos from the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City by George & Audrey DeLange
Index of directories of photos from Meso-America taken by B. Evans (click on the directory name to see photos for that site)
Anthropology, Archeology and Art - Copyrighted Stock Photos from Meso-America by Phillip Bard which you can view (purchase required for download)

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