Beer Tasting Courses Offered by Dr Beer ®

Jay Hersh has been an award-winning homebrewer since 1985, winning awards at the local, regional and national levels. He entered the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) in 1986, in 1993 became the 10th individual to achieve the rank of Master Beer Judge, and in 1999 the 3rd person to acheive the rank of Grand Master Judge, the highest possible rank. He has served as Exam Director for the BJCP supervising and participating in the administration and scoring of hundreds of tests annually. Mr. Hersh's beer resume also includes a stint as the manager of Cambridge's well known Modern Brewer homebrew supply shop.

He has been teaching beer tasting courses to Alumni clubs and adult education centers throughout the Boston area since 1996. He has also taught courses on beer brewing at RPI and M.I.T, as well as teaching sensory evaluation training seminars to local homebrewers, commercial brewers, and attendees at past American Homebrewers Association's national conferences since 1988. Mr. Hersh is also a part-time author who chronicles his beer related travels in various publications.

Individualized Beer Tasting Course, Short Course (One 3 hour session)

The short format course is taught in a single 2-3 hour session and is well suited for Alumni gatherings, company parties, fund raisers or other special events. It consists of an overview (up to 12-14 beers sampled depending on time and budget) of some of the most important beer styles presently brewed. and can be accompanied by a fact filled entertaining slide show and lectures about brewing ingredients, process and history if this suits your needs.

Since American brewing tradition is inherited primarily from the original British settlers, and later German immigrants the primary focus is on styles from these two countries. Owing to their diversity, uniqueness, and gastronomic appeal, the increasingly available beers of Belgium can also briefly touched upon if you're interested. Beers selected will vary based on seasonal and commercial availability, but a representative cross section is always available.

Short Course Topics

Individualized Beer Tasting Course, Long Course
(Two or more 3 hour sessions)

The long format course is taught in several sessions, configurable to suit your needs. The standard configuration is four to five 3 hour sessions. It consists of a more thorough overview of process and ingredients, training in sensory evaluation, and a more comprehensive review of beer styles presently brewed around the world. It highlights the origins of American brewing tradition, inherited from the original British settlers, and later German immigrants, while exploring and contrasting how these styles have been interpreted and adapted to suit the American craft beer Renaissance. The beers of Belgium are also widely explored, and their diversity, uniqueness, and gastronomic appeal is demystified. A 20 page handout is provided covering a broad cross section of information to help you appreciate the diversity of the beers tasted in the course, and of other beers widely available today.

Long Course Topics

Brewing Process and Ingredients Dr. Beer Sensory Evaluation Training Seminar (~15 samples) Tastings in Style (~12-14 beers per session, 3 or 4 sessions)

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