These are some DragonDictate macros which I find help speed up the editing process, and are useful for other things. I find that these shortcuts really help me speed up editing of mistakes and increase my throughput on the system.

The oops macros are numbered by the number of words which they move you backwards in the list of words appearing in word history. The oops macros are easier than saying "oops" and "word #" to move around since you bundled that into a single utterance.

The suffix macros are for speeding up correction of misrecognition of like sounding words with different suffix endings (I.e. talk, talked, talking, etc.), you would use them in place of the Edit command. While this solution doesn't automatically identify the root of the word it does work faster than using edit and back space commands by rolling them into a single utterance. It works along the lines of [Suffix M N] where M is the word in the choice list, and N is the number of spaces to move backwards.

I also have some system global macros for useful things which aren't included with DragonDictate.

For users of the Eudora mail reader program I have some Eudora specific macros.

To use these macros place each of the following groups of text in a file (save them from Netscape as a text file not an html file) but make sure you use notepad to edit it since other editors add characters to the file which might corrupt it. Then open vocabulary manager and from the vocabulary pull down menu, choose import and give it the file name you have assigned to the file. If it puts up a warning message about merging this vocabulary with existing vocabulary groups that is ok.

switch-to-vocabulary /create /module System System

switch-to-group /create "Choice List"

add-word "[Suffix 1 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+1}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 1 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+1}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 1 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+1}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 1 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+1}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 1 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+1}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 1 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+1}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 2 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+2}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 2 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+2}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 2 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+2}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 2 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+2}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 2 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+2}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 2 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+2}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 3 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+3}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 3 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+3}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 3 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+3}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 3 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+3}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 3 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+3}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 3 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+3}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 4 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+4}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 4 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+4}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 4 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+4}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 4 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+4}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 4 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+4}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 4 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+4}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 5 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+5}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 5 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+5}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 5 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+5}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 5 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+5}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 5 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+5}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 5 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+5}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 6 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+6}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 6 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+6}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 6 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+6}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 6 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+6}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 6 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+6}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 6 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+6}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 7 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+7}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 7 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+7}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 7 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+7}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 7 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+7}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 7 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+7}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 7 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+7}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 8 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+8}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 8 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+8}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 8 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+8}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 8 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+8}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 8 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+8}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 8 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+8}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 9 0]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+9}{End}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 9 1]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+9}{End}{Left 1}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 9 2]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+9}{End}{Left 2}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 9 3]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+9}{End}{Left 3}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 9 4]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+9}{End}{Left 4}\"" /nsc

add-word "[Suffix 9 5]" /script "SpellMode

SendKeys \"{Alt+9}{End}{Left 5}\"" /nsc

switch-to-vocabulary /create /module System System

switch-to-group /create "Always Active"

add-word "[Oops 1]" /script "WordHistory 1" /u /nr

add-word "[Oops 2]" /script "WordHistory 1

SendKeys \"{Ctrl+ExtLeft}\"" /nsc /u /nr

add-word "[Oops 3]" /script "WordHistory 1

SendKeys \"{Ctrl+ExtLeft}{Ctrl+ExtLeft}\"" /nsc /u /nr

add-word "[Oops 4]" /script "WordHistory 1

SendKeys \"{Ctrl+ExtLeft}{Ctrl+ExtLeft}{Ctrl+ExtLeft}\"" /nsc /u /nr

add-word "[Oops 5]" /script "WordHistory 1

SendKeys \"{Ctrl+ExtLeft}{Ctrl+ExtLeft}{Ctrl+ExtLeft}{Ctrl+ExtLeft}\"" /u /nr

These are some basic macros that aren't included with the system for some reason. Instructions for using are same as above.

switch-to-vocabulary /create /module System System

switch-to-group /create "Global Commands"

add-word "[Back 1]" /keys {Backspace} /nsc

add-word "[Back 10]" /keys "{Backspace 10}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 2]" /keys "{Backspace 2}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 3]" /keys "{Backspace 3}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 4]" /keys "{Backspace 4}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 5]" /keys "{Backspace 5}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 6]" /keys "{Backspace 6}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 7]" /keys "{Backspace 7}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 8]" /keys "{Backspace 8}" /nsc

add-word "[Back 9]" /keys "{Backspace 9}" /nsc

add-word "[Page Down 2]" /keys {ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn} /nsc

add-word "[Page Up 2]" /keys {ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp} /nsc

add-word "[Page Down 3]" /keys {ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn} /nsc

add-word "[Page Up 3]" /keys {ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp} /nsc

add-word "[Page Down 4]" /keys {ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn} /nsc

add-word "[Page Up 4]" /keys {ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp} /nsc

add-word "[Page Down 5]" /keys {ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn}{ExtPgDn} /nsc

add-word "[Page Up 5]" /keys {ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp}{ExtPgUp} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 1]" /keys {ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 10]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 2]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 3]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 4]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 5]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 6]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 7]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 8]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

add-word "[Delete 9]" /keys {ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel}{ExtDel} /nsc

Macros for the Eudora mail reader.

switch-to-vocabulary /create /module Weudora Weudora

switch-to-group /create Weudora

switch-to-group /create Eudora

switch-to-group /create Weudora

add-word "[Close window]" /keys {Ctrl+q} /nsc

switch-to-group /create Eudora

add-word "[check mail]" /keys {Ctrl+m} /nsc

add-word "[Close Application]" /keys {Alt+F4} /nsc

add-word "[close Eudora]" /keys {Alt+f}x /nsc

add-word "[close window]" /keys {Ctrl+F4} /nsc

add-word "[Delete Message]" /keys {Ctrl+d} /nsc

add-word "[mail body]" /keys {Tab}{Tab}{Tab} /nsc

add-word "[New Message]" /keys {Ctrl+n} /nsc

add-word "[new message]" /keys {Ctrl+n} /nsc

add-word [nickname] /keys {Ctrl+l} /nsc

add-word "[read next mail]" /keys {ExtDown}{Enter} /nsc

add-word [Reply] /keys {Ctrl+r} /nsc /u

add-word "[Select All]" /keys {Ctrl+a} /nsc

add-word "[send queued messages]" /keys {Ctrl+t} /nsc

add-word "[Send to Back]" /keys {Ctrl+F6} /nsc

add-word "[Setup Reply]" /keys {Enter}{Enter}{Enter}{ExtUp}{ExtUp} /nsc